Best dump cart for lawn tractor 2023

Are you looking for the best dump cart for your lawn tractor? You’re in luck! In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to select the perfect dump cart based on your specific needs and desired features. Get ready to make those laborious chores around the yard easier and less time-consuming. Let’s get started!

Best dump cart for lawn tractor 2023

  1. Agri-Fab Steel  Dump Cart(Editor’s Pick)
  2. Agri-Fab  Behind Dump Cart(Best Overall)
  3. Ohio Steel  Dump Cart(Budget Friendly)
  4. Agri-Fab  Dump Cart
  5. AllFit Dump Cart
  6. Ohio Steel Coupler  Dump CART
  7. Ohio Steel  Cubic  Dump Cart

1.Agri-Fab Steel  Dump Cart

Best dump cart for lawn tractor

Garden workhorses Agri-Fab Steel Dump Carts. It saves time by handling items up to 350 pounds. This cart hauls gravel or dirt sacks. Its single shelf and two pneumatic wheels allow it to navigate garden barriers like trees and plants.

Portable Style

31-inch Agri-Fab Steel Dump Cart. It suits narrow walkways and tiny gardens. Navigating tight places improves gardening.

Solid Build

The alloy steel cart supports 350 pounds. Unlike weaker carts, the Agri-Fab Steel Dump Cart can handle heavy use. This cart works well for occasional or frequent heavy lifting.

Simple and Useful

Convenient Agri-Fab Steel Dump Cart. One shelf simplifies loading and organisation. Pneumatic tyres smooth rough terrain. Easy to use and maintain, this cart is a reliable gardening partner.

Weight and Size

The Agri-Fab Steel Dump Cart’s 31 x 41 x 12 inches and 68 pounds are suitable for capacity and transportation. It’s light but strong. You can cultivate without a heavy waggon.

Warranty-backed Quality

Agri-Fab Steel Dump Cart’s guarantee covers manufacturing defects. This warranty allows worry-free gardening. The manufacturer guarantees a reliable and practical garden cart.


Gardeners trust the Agri-Fab Steel Dump Cart. Its versatility, durability, and manoeuvrability make it excellent for garden transporting big goods. No mulch or soil hauling. This trolley simplifies gardening. Gardening will alter with the Agri-Fab Steel Dump Cart.

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  • Trusted Agri-Fab brand
  • Durable steel material
  • Sleek black color
  • Lightweight design
  • Ideal for various tasks


Core feature

Product Dimensions 31″D x 41″W x 12″H
Product Dimensions Agri-Fab
Brand Steel
Material Black
Color Lightweight


2.Agri-Fab  Behind Dump Cart

Best dump cart for lawn tractor

Easy Dumping

The Agri-Fab Easy dumping distinguishes Behind Dump Cart. Lever-unload items swiftly and precisely. This saves time and effort. Avoid manual unloading.

Low-Maintenance, Durable

Strong design and rust-resistant components make the Agri-Fab Behind Dump Cart low-maintenance. Durable cart parts last years even with rigorous use. Long-term hauler.

Heavy-Duty Hauler

The Agri-Fab Behind Dump Cart is a reliable heavy-duty transporter. Its 750-pound capacity, quick dumping mechanism, and durable design make it excellent for yard and farm hauling. The Agri-Fab Behind Dump Cart eliminates hand-unloading. Homeowners and farmers can transport this cart. Buy the Agri-Fab Behind Dump Cart today to ease heavy-load hauling.

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  • Reliable Agri-Fab brand
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Easy dumping feature 
  • One-shelf storage with dimensions of 49″D x 32.5″W x 12″H
  • Time-saving efficiency


Core feature

Product Dimensions 49″D x 32.5″W x 12″H
Brand Agri-Fab
Material Steel
Color Black
Number of Shelves 1


3.Ohio Steel  Dump Cart

Best dump cart for lawn tractor

The Ohio Steel Dump Cart has a durable hardwood frame. This durable trolley can take a beating.

Easy Lawn Tractor Attachment

Its linking feature is significant. This clever design makes many lawn tractors strong carriers. Ohio Steel Dump Cart streamlines complex setups.

Outdoor Spaces

The Ohio Steel Dump Cart supports landscaping, gardening, and other grass chores. Moving earth, rocks, plants, and other heavy things is easy with it. This flexible cart simplifies outdoor activities.

Simple Size

The Ohio Steel Dump Cart’s 49″D x 32.5″W x 12″H dimensions maximise capacity and manoeuvrability. It can transport huge loads in confined spaces. It replaces heavy, hard-to-control carts.

Smooth Transport Pneumatic Wheels

Two pneumatic wheels glide the Ohio Steel Dump Cart. These wheels glide across rough terrain. This trolley protects your valuables during transport.

Quick Assembly for Deployment

Easy Ohio Steel Dump Cart assembly. Easy assembly. You’ll haul efficiently soon.

For Adults

This adult cart is strong. Landscapers and homeowners love the Ohio Steel Dump Cart.


Ohio Steel Dump Carts are perfect for heavy-duty transport. Its solid construction, easy attachment to lawn tractors, versatility, sensible size, smooth pneumatic wheels, and simple installation distinguish it. The Ohio Steel Dump Cart improves hauling.

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  • Affordable Ohio Steel brand
  • Long-lasting polyethylene material
  • Standard ball coupler for easy hitching
  • Stylish poly design
  • Impressive 1000-pound load capacity


Core feature

Brand Ohio Steel
Material Polyethylene
Color Standard Ball Coupler for Ball Hitch
Style Poly
Load Capacity 1000 Pounds


4.Agri-Fab  Dump Cart

Best dump cart for lawn tractor

16″ x 4″ pneumatic tyres provide the Agri-Fab Dump Cart excellent grip and stability on tough terrain. This cart makes gardening, farming, and building easy.

Ample Space and Load Capacity for Versatile Applications

The Agri-Fab Dump Cart holds supplies and tools in its 15 cubic feet of heaping area and 1000-pound load capacity. Its well-designed ball coupler for ball hitch, integrated structural design, and outstanding 105-degree radius make it easy and efficient to use.

Durable and High-Quality

Durable polyethylene makes the Agri-Fab Dump Cart. Poly style strengthens and improves its appearance. Ohio Steel’s carts are reliable.

Warranty Security

An Agri-Fab Dump Cart guarantee gives you piece of mind. Your purchase is protected, so you can confidently haul anything.


In conclusion, the Agri-Fab Dump Cart is a great tool for lifting huge goods. Gardening, farming, construction, and other uses benefit from its versatility, durability, and capacity. The Agri-Fab Dump Cart makes outside jobs easier and faster.

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  • Dependable Agri-Fab brand
  • Durable poly material
  • Eye-catching black/orange color
  • Cart has a load capacity of 1000 pounds
  • Versatile for various uses


Core feature

Product Dimensions 60″D x 27.5″W x 33.75″H
Brand Agri-Fab
Material Poly
Color Black/Orange
Number of Shelves 1


5.AllFit Dump Cart

Best dump cart for lawn tractor

With its 67.5-inch length, 40-inch width, and 31-inch height, this cart can haul anything. It can carry 650 pounds. This cart saves trips.

Why AllFit Dump Cart Is Unique

Users admire the AllFit Dump Cart’s simplicity. One shelf and two pneumatic wheels give stability and mobility. This cart makes heavy lifting easy.

AllFit Dump Cart

Complete cart. Its pound capacity makes it excellent for corporate and home use. It minimises heavy lifting, making it perfect for disabled persons.

AllFit Dump Cart Beauty

The attractive AllFit Dump Cart is useful. Its sleek black appearance makes it functional and stylish for outdoor gear.

AllFit Dump Cart—why?

The AllFit Dump Cart is ideal for moving large items outside. Durability, space, and usability distinguish it. Reduce outdoor task time and distance. Your investment is guaranteed for 3 years.


AllFit Dump Cart Improves Outdoor Performance

Heavy outdoor work requires the AllFit Dump Cart. It’s sturdy and user-friendly. This trolley simplifies gardening for homeowners and professionals. Instead, choose the AllFit Dump Cart.

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  • High-quality AllFitHD brand
  • Robust steel construction
  • Classic black color
  • Smooth maneuverability with two wheels
  • Suitable for multiple tasks


Core feature

Product Dimensions 67.5″D x 40″W x 31″H
Brand AllFitHD
Material Steel
Color Black
Number of Wheels 2


6.Ohio Steel Coupler  Dump CART

Best dump cart for lawn tractor

Most lawn tractors and garden carts fit the Ohio Steel Coupler Dump Cart’s hitch. Its versatility makes it an essential outdoor tool.

Heavy Steel and High Weight Limit

The 1000-pound Ohio Steel Coupler Dump Cart is sturdy steel. It’s sturdy enough for demanding jobs.

Efficiency: Wheels

The cart’s 67.5″D x 40″W x 31″H cargo area holds large items. The cart’s two pneumatic wheels enable it manoeuvrable on varied terrains.

Handy Shelf

Shelf on Ohio Steel Coupler Dump Cart. It organises and transports little items outdoors.

Ohio Steel and AllFitHD Simplify Assembly

Ohio Steel’s AllFitHD Coupler Dump Cart requires minimum assembly. Simple methods can prepare your cart quickly.

Time-Saving Landscaping Dump

For extensive landscaping projects, this waggon dumps. Large-scale landscaping is easier without manual unloading.

Outdoor Partner

Finally, outside heavy lifting and hauling projects require the Ohio Steel Coupler Dump Cart. Landscapers, gardeners, and builders like its durability, weight limit, and convenience. Durable cart increases outdoor productivity.

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  • Reputable Ohio Steel brand
  • Resilient polyethylene material
  • Standard ball coupler for easy hitching
  • Two pneumatic wheels and a single shelf
  • Adaptability for different chores


Core feature

Product Dimensions 40″D x 30″W x 30″H
Brand Ohio Steel
Material Polyethylene (PE)
Color Standard Ball Coupler for Ball Hitch
Number of Shelves 1


7.Ohio Steel  Cubic  Dump Cart

Best dump cart for lawn tractor

Ohio Steel Cubic Dump Carts can carry 1250 pounds. This cart transports mud, rocks, and other goods. Strong construction ensures its longevity.

Greater Manoeuvrability

Ohio Steel Cubic Dump Carts have high clearance. This simplifies crossing difficult terrain. No more cart battles rocks, roots, and bumps. This cart can quickly navigate such obstacles.

Easy Dumping

Ohio Steel Cubic Dump Carts simplify unloading. Dump contents anywhere with its 100-degree radius. Distribution and gardening require control.

Performance-Optimized Commercial Wheels

16-inch commercial wheels propel this cart. Gravel and muck don’t bother these wheels. Ohio Steel Cubic Dump Carts tackle the toughest jobs.

Task Flexibility

Homeowners, gardeners, landscapers, and builders use the Ohio Steel Cubic Dump Cart. It moves large goods, clears debris, and more.

Simple Construction

Ohio Steel Cubic Dump Carts are user-friendly. The cart’s design simplifies installation and use. Setup won’t take long.

Eco-Friendly and Affordable

Eco-friendly Ohio Steel Cubic Dump Carts work effectively. This cart decreases travels and carbon footprint. Durability makes it cost-effective over time.


The Ohio Steel Cubic Dump Cart is a durable transport option. Its high load capacity, smooth mobility, and user-friendly features outperform rival carts in its class. The Ohio Steel Cubic Dump Cart makes outside projects easy. Ohio Steel Cubic Dump Carts manage rough terrain and heavy loads.

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  • Trustworthy Ohio Steel brand
  • Sturdy polyethylene construction
  • Hybrid hitch with pin to lock
  • One-shelf storage and reliable, heavy-duty cart
  • Easy navigation on rough terrain


Core feature

Product Dimensions 48.25″D x 39″W x 13.75″H
Brand Ohio Steel
Material Polyethylene (PE)
Color Hybrid Hitch – With Pin to Lock
Number of Shelves 1

Best dump cart for lawn tractor 2023 -Complete Buying Guide

Are you looking for the perfect dump cart for your lawn tractor? Dump carts can make garden chores much easier and allow you to move large amounts of gravel, soil, compost or other garden materials quickly and efficiently. It is important to choose the right size and type of dump cart for your lawn tractor so that it can handle your needs. This guide provides advice on what features to look for and how to select the best dump cart for your lawn tractor.

Before you purchase a dump cart, it is important that you have an understanding of the size of your lawn tractor, as well as its weight limits and compatibility with attachment accessories. The weight capacity of both the lawn tractor and its attachments should be taken into consideration before buying a new dump cart to ensure that they are compatible. Additionally, certain laws exist in some areas which may restrict what type or size of dump cart can be used on a particular type of terrain such as public pathways or in wetland areas. It is important to check your local laws before investing in any expensive equipment that might not be allowed in certain areas.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor

Best dump cart for lawn tractor

Photo Source

When shopping for a dump cart for your lawn tractor, there are several factors to consider. Below, we discuss some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right dump cart.

Size: Size is one of the primary factors to consider when purchasing a dump cart for your lawn tractor. To determine the ideal size of your dump cart, you will need to factor in your tractor’s load capacity as well as the type and amount of material you intend to transport. Dump carts come in various sizes and can range from small units with payloads ranging from 250-500 lbs up to larger models with payloads up to 2,000 lbs or more.

Capacity: Capacity will be determined by size and weight. Many larger carts are capable of hauling up to 8 cubic feet or over 1,700 pounds at once! Pay close attention not only to the total capacity listed but also consider how much weight each axle can carry safely as this will also impact carry ability limits. The larger the area you need covered, the higher capacity and weight requirements you’ll likely need.

Towing hitch: A tow hitch is an attachment placed onto a vehicle that allows it to be connected with a trailer or other vehicle in order for them both to be towed together. Tow hitches come in different sizes based on what they are connecting so make sure that your tractor is able handle tow hitches made for heavy-duty equipment should you choose a heavier load bearing material like woodchips or soil instead of grass clippings or leaves which require lighter weight materials like plastic bags or boxes.

Wheels: Wheels provide ease in moving items around as well as stability on slopes and uneven terrain; rubber wheels are typically more durable than plastic ones so if off-roading is something you frequently use then look into rubber wheels instead! Keep an eye out for features such as wheel bearings which help reduce friction during movement enabling faster speeds when necessary and provide greater maneuverability even in tight turns; if possible invest in sealed bearings which won’t require lubrication over time due their enclosed construction keeping dirt out and reducing wear rates significantly before needing repairs/replacement parts.

Lawn Size and Type of Terrain

Best dump cart for lawn tractor

Photo Source

When selecting the best dump cart for your lawn tractor, the first thing to consider is the size of your lawn and type of terrain. If you have a larger lawn on level ground, you will likely need a larger cart with a higher capacity load limit that can provide more stability when moving heavy materials.

For smaller yards with hills or other challenging terrain, you may want to look at carts that are more maneuverable, like utility carts with wheels that pivot and tilt which will help provide greater control when hauling heavy loads. You can also choose from various types of landscaping dump carts, designed to handle specific tasks such as moving fertilizer or pulling sod rolls.

Additionally, keep in mind the weight of the item you are looking to tow — some carts have lower weight limits, making them unsuitable for certain types of loads.

Cart Capacity and Size

The capacity and size of the dump cart are major factors to consider when purchasing a lawn tractor. As you look at the weight limits, remember that the cart material type will ultimately determine how much weight it can carry. When comparing carts, the heavier duty models usually have higher carrying capacities than those made from lighter materials such as plastic or aluminum. Generally speaking, steel carts can hold more than plastic or aluminum ones.

Additionally, when looking at the size of a dump cart consider the width and length of your lawn tractor and make sure that they are compatible with each other. The size of your lawn will also help determine which size dump cart is right for you; if you have a lot of landscape to cover then a larger capacity may be necessary to get your work done more efficiently.

Finally, consider whether you need different attachments for certain tasks; most carts come with at least one attachment such as a spreader or bagger, but additional accessories may be required depending on what you plan to use it for.

Material and Durability

When choosing a dump cart for your lawn tractor, the material and durability should not be overlooked. The best material for a dumpster cart is steel. Steel construction ensures the heavy-duty strength to carry the load you need it to and the stability necessary to maneuver uneven or sloped terrain without spilling your cargo or tipping over. The thickness of the steel also plays an important role in the quality of your dumpster cart — thicker steel creates a stronger, more durable frame — so be sure to check this before purchasing.

Look for other features such as a powder-coat finish to prevent rusting, large sturdy wheels with rubber treads for easy pushing, pneumatic tires that can navigate a variety of surfaces with ease, and reinforced sides or bottoms if you plan on carrying larger loads. Finally, investigate the weight limit and make sure your chosen model can handle whatever payload you plan on transporting.

Features to Look for in a Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor

When it comes to choosing the best dump cart for your lawn tractor, there are several features you should consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure the cart is compatible with your tractor and that its load capacity does not exceed the maximum weight load recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, you should also consider the construction materials and sturdiness of the unit itself as well as other features such as a hose attachment for washing off debris, removable tailgate for easy dumping, ergonomic handles for better lifting, etc.

The type of material used in construction will determine how much weight your dump cart can safely haul. Steel frames are sturdier but often more pricey compared to plastic carts, so if you are on a budget then plastic may be your best option. Additionally, some steel carts come with rubber treads which limit slippage during transport and aid in maneuverability over rugged terrain. When considering type of material — it’s always best to think about how much wear and tear it will be put through while performing its duties.

One other valuable feature that’s typically included with dump carts is a hose attachment which allows you to offload any built up debris or grass clippings without having to manually tip out or shake it off​. This saves time when maintaining your grounds without compromising safety or stability while removing heavy loads from your dump cart. Finally, look into any kind of adjustable features like removable tailgates or ergonomic handles that can make life easier when lifting full loads over obstacles like walls and slopes.

Dumping Mechanism and Angle

The dumping mechanism and angle of the dump cart is one of the most important things to consider when looking for the best dump cart for lawn tractors. Dumping mechanisms come in all shapes and sizes, from cable-actuated systems to lever-operated systems. Different types of dumping mechanisms provide various levels of convenience, but it’s important to choose one that is compatible with your lawn tractor.

The angle at which a dump cart will empty can also make a difference in how you use it, as some might be better suited to hauling items up and down hills than others. Consider the terrain you’ll be using the dump cart on before making your decision so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

Hitch Compatibility and Connection

Hitch compatibility and connection are important considerations when buying a lawn dump cart. The hitch of the lawn dump cart is connected to the tractor in order to transport the cart around a yard or garden. A good hitch connection should be secure enough that it won’t rattle or come loose while driving over uneven terrain, yet not too tight that it will be a struggle to attach and detach.

Different types of hitches can have different compatibility requirements, so it’s important to check to make sure the dump cart is compatible with your tractor’s hitch before purchasing. The most common type of lawn tractors use either a two-inch ball or pin receiver, but there may also be other different types depending on the model and make.

It is also important to pay attention to how the hitch is connected. Generally, there should be some kind of fastening system — such as screws, clamps, pins, or springs — that securely holds the connection in place and prevents rattling. Many models designed for riding mowers may also require additional accessories for proper attachment such as adapter sleeves for quick-connect hitches or drawbar extensions for larger-sized carts.

Wheel Size and Type

When purchasing a dump cart for your lawn tractor, consider the wheel size and type. Wheels are an important feature because they will affect the overall performance of your cart. As a general rule, larger wheels promote better handling and stability while smaller wheels can lead to more maneuverability with fewer lugging issues.

Additionally, compare inflated rubber wheels to spoked or pneumatic models. Solid rubber or inflatable tires can provide cushioning on uneven terrain, whereas spoked models can provide extra durability and strength in certain conditions.

Attachment Options

The attachment options of your dump cart are an important factor to consider when making a purchase. Most lawn tractor dump carts come equipped with some type of hoisting system, either in the form of a lever or cable-pulled system that allows you to tilt the bed for dumping. These systems can be placed anywhere you like, depending on the cart model, adding to their convenience.

Additionally, many dump carts have attachment options that allow you to hook them onto other lawn maintenance implements such as lawn sweepers and lawn aerators. Knowing your specifications, such as volume size and connection compatibility should always be noted before choosing a model.


When it comes to dump carts for lawn tractors, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In order to find the best fit for you and your needs, it’s important to consider the capacity and weight of the cart, as well as its construction materials. You should also take into account your available budget and any specific features that you require.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, read customer reviews and check out return policies before committing to any purchase. This can help ensure that you get a quality product at a fair price that is built to last and will suit your requirements. Do not forget to consider any additions or accessories needed for completing tasks with the new dump cart for your lawn tractor. With these factors in mind, we are confident that you can find a great dump cart perfect for keeping your lawn beautiful season after season.


How much weight can a lawn cart hold?

The weight capacity of a lawn cart can vary depending on the specific model and brand. Generally, a lawn cart can hold anywhere from 200 to 1200 pounds of weight.

What is a dump cart used for?

A dump cart is used for carrying and transporting heavy loads such as dirt, gravel, mulch, firewood, and other materials. It is designed with a hinged bed that can be tilted to dump the contents easily.

What is better than a wheelbarrow?

A garden cart is a better alternative to a wheelbarrow as it has a larger capacity, is more stable, and can be pushed or pulled easily. It also typically has a better weight distribution, making it easier to maneuver on rough terrain.

Which is better a Gorilla cart or wheelbarrow?

The choice between a Gorilla Cart and a wheelbarrow depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Generally, Gorilla Carts are more stable and can carry larger loads than a typical wheelbarrow, while wheelbarrows are more maneuverable in tight spaces.

Do Gorilla Carts rust?

Gorilla Carts are made of durable materials such as steel or high-density polyethylene, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion.

How much weight can a Gorilla cart hold?

The weight capacity of a Gorilla cart can vary depending on the specific model and brand. Generally, a Gorilla cart can hold anywhere from 400 to 1500 pounds of weight.

Is a Gorilla cart worth it?

Whether or not a Gorilla cart is worth it depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. They are generally durable, versatile, and can handle heavy loads, but may not be necessary for all gardening or landscaping tasks.

Where is Gorilla cart made?

Gorilla Carts are manufactured by Gorilla Carts, Inc., which is based in the United States.

Do Gorilla Carts have brakes?

Some Gorilla Carts come equipped with brakes, while others do not. The specific features of each model can vary, so it’s important to check the product specifications before purchasing.

What tire pressure for Gorilla cart?

The recommended tire pressure for a Gorilla Cart can vary depending on the specific model and size of the tires. Generally, it’s best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific product to determine the appropriate tire pressure.

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